Do you interested to create vintage classic look in your bedroom? Then you can use Devyn tufted
daybed as the main furniture. Find the recommended arrangement for a calm and nice bedroom!

Classic vintage look becomes a new trend again lately. More and more people are attracted to this
oldies look style. The presence of charm and historic sense in vintage style is attracting them to have
such look. Moreover, it is believed that vintage look decoration is a calming and relaxing view. As you
are starting to arrange your bedroom make sure you get the main furniture. Bed. You can have Devyn
tufted daybed for your room.
The tufted daybed itself is offering the comfort of the sofa and sleepers at once. It is usually
manufactured from kiln-dried hardwood frame and beautifully upholstered on all sides. All the fabrics
are featuring a weathered oak finish to make an ultimate look.
The choice of the daybed you can choose is including Devyn Tufted Daybed with trundle ($2,249 –
$3,099) this bed is providing extra trundle space that you can use for storage or other purposes.
The second choice is Devyn Tufted Velvet Daybed which is designed for mattress only. For having this as
a compliment in your room, you need to prepare $1,749 – $2,519 depend on the size you choose.
Creating Vintage Look in the Bedroom
Bright Shade
Choose one solid color to be the lining color among the furniture, color palette, and anything that will be
inside the room. Pale shade such as cream is a strong recommendation. If you take cream as the
unifying color, put it on your bed, pair with baby pink bedding set, and broken white pillow cases. A
classic chandelier, and a simple pedestal night desk will be a simple yet strong statement for the room,
not to mention each of them will complementing. Additional accent such as neon box calligraphy will be
a great touch.
Dark Shade
It is believed that dark shade is giving more professional and masculine look. For the unifying color,
choose dark gray or black. Then top it with gray comforter set. A unique lamp post fixture will be a great
addition for the interior and supply the light that you need. As an accent put a travel map in the wall or
any personalized item you love.

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