The quality of your sleep determines the entire mood for the rest of the day. A busy and rough day is cannot be avoided but we can provide enough energy to face it. Therefore, your sleeping quality should be good. In order to achieve good sleeping quality, you need to provide comfortable sleeping space such as King Size Sleep Number bed. The following products are the one you can choose for your master bedroom.

C2 Mattress in King Size
As their characteristics, Sleep Number provides two types of features i.e automatically included and optional. If you choose automatically included feature you will get dual air adjustability that let you find the most comfortable position by adjusting the firmness and support on one side of the bed, then change it on your preferable needs. The mattress itself is covered by rayon woven fabric, it delivers a soft surface as your sleeping base. The 8” profile is measuring the plush-style bed from the base up to the top surface of the mattress.
The optional feature arranges the use of Sleep IQ technology and FlexFit adjustable Bases. Sleep IQ technology let you check the quality of your sleeping. Is it good already or need some improvements. According to this record, you will get sleep recommendation that covers sleeping hours, what time you should sleep, and the adjustment of the bed. This checker is connected to health application program and sports to remind you on the set time you should go to bed etc. This $1,399.99 bed is a great tool to lead healthy lifestyle.

P5 Performance Series Bed
Similar to C2 bed, this bed allows you to adjust the firmness and softness of each bed (possible to have two settings in one king size). The difference is on the higher profile which is 11” from the base to the highest point of the mattress. In this bed Sleep Number install five zones of contouring support for relieving body pressure for certain areas such as head/neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet.
The filling of the mattress itself is a soft plush, and supportive foam. This mattress specifically designed to give contour to the curve. All the feature and mattress is wrapped in soft, breathable knit of rayon fabric. This fabric choice provides a smooth surface for sleeping. Attaching Sleep IQ feature is possible to this bed.
The thing you need to take a note is related to the base of the mattress. Both mattress is designed to be put in a firm, solid base to make sure that all the convenience feature will work properly. Thus, when you purchase any of the mattress make sure you have the required base. It is great if the mattress base is also coming from Sleep Number.

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