Comfort level in kitchen is not only determined by a single furniture. There are more than a beautiful appearance appliance or furniture, but it is more a question that should be honestly answered. The questions are including but not limited to 1) whether the appliance or furniture really help you in doing the kitchenette work? 2) what about the cleaning and maintenance procedure? If you plan to upgrade your kitchen faucet you can think about to have Delta Ashton faucet.
In general Ashton faucet from Delta is a high quality piece that involves modern technology for helping us doing the kitchen work. It is a stainless steel finish 1-handle pull-down kitchen faucet. The magnetic base system is also one that spouts the swivel for 360 degrees for a complete access of the sink. This feature will also ease you for deep rinse pots. Multi-flow wand that present in the faucet delivers an efficient 1.5 GPM (Gallon per Minute) stream and spray. Bigger amount of water (1.8 GPM) is also available for high performance, you just need to change the stream and spray setting.
Beside the water setting, this faucet is also certified by ADA (American with Disabilities Act) which means this faucet meets the standard of friendly appliance for disables.
You can pair this single lever handle faucet with various sink installation options. You can install it in 1 – up to 4 – hole sink installation. You can also use it as a counter-top faucet, not only limited to the sink faucet purpose. Just remember that you must install the piece in deck mounted mode, so it is not suitable for wall mounting installation.
The stainless steel coating is promising simple durable maintenance. The Touch Clean spray holes lets you to have easy removal pf hard water buildup in the surface. The simple and elegant look of the stainless finish gives fresh look and ambience in the kitchen. This $179.00 faucet is packed with matching soap dispenser.

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