Dog beds Petco is a great and nice company for your four-legged kid. Just like us, the furry companion needs comfortable sleeping space also.

The love for a dog should be proven through the way one is providing their basic needs. Starting from the meal, safe shelter, and comfortable sleeping space. Especially for sleeping place, you need more things to understand some matters. As a starting point, you can consult on the information center such as Dog beds Petco to get the basic information and to measure the needs of your furry kid.

Consideration Points

1. Size
The easiest way to get the approximate size is by measuring your dog using measured tape. Repeat two times for accurate result. In choosing the bed size make sure you give your dog space to change the sleeping position.

2. Placement
Giving a new dog beds does not mean that you change the place where it usually sleeps. Put the new bed in the usual sleeping area. Therefore, beside the size of your dog, consider also the size of the space where the bed will be placed.

3. Preferred Surface
Just like human bed, dog bed has various surfaces such as soft, firm, or solid. Observe the usual place your dog sleeps. Once you got the surface texture, you can start to find suitable material. Usually the material is similar to human mattress such as memory foam material.

Beside the points above, you also need to consult to your vet to make sure the needs of your dog, if your dog is having joint, and muscles problem you will need an orthopedic dog bed to help it survives the pain.

Product Recommendation

Orthopedic Gray Dog Bed
This is a large sleeping area for a dog (40″ L X 30″ W X 10″H) that will ease the joint pain. It is designed in low front profile to ease your dog getting into it. This orthopedic mattress is covered by removable zipper cover, so you can wash it in machine load using gentle mode. This $99.99 dog bed is a worthy spending.

Brown Memory Foam Rectangular Pillow
This lightweight memory foam based dog bed is a suitable piece for any weather. As an orthopedic mattress, it will relieve the joint pressure and reduce the pain. This soft surface mattress is providing ample sleeping and lounging space for your dog (30″ L X 40″ W X 4″ H). This dog bed costs you $79.99

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