Glamorous and luxurious interior design is one of the favorite interior styles for bedroom. Some interior sets such as Sofia Vergara bedroom even specifically dedicated for glamorous kind of room scheme. Sofia Vergara herself was an actress experienced the golden era, and now inspiring a group of people to produce bed set and label it with her name. It is an expression to honor art and beauty.
However, you need to prepare the room first, you can follow the following guides for creating an
attractive glamorous look on your room.
1. Block color usage
To create a classy, elegant look on your space, avoid crowded pattern. Use single blocked color
instead, or if you want some pattern use geometric or textures.
2. Metallic Accent
To create a glamorous look instantly is by adding metallic accent in the room. It will be an
upgrade look to your space. The reflection effect can be a replacement for mirrored furniture.
3. Soft Lighting Equipment
One thing that can drive the situation and look become a glamorous is soft dimming light. You
can make use of candle or pendant light to create dimming light effect in our room.
4. Artistic Decoration
People loves artistic decoration. Have a classic statue of Elizabethan figure or a contemporary
statue, to give a statement on your room. You can also simply hang a solar mirror in the wall.
5. Tufted Furniture
Other decoration that identically associated with glamorous atmosphere is tufted furniture. You
can have a tufted head frame for bedroom, or tufted sofa for living room or patio.
6. Storage
Last but not least, provide a clean and neat storage. once it is not clean and neat, the luxury and
glamorous will not be shown.
Now that you have prepared the room, it’s time to complete it with Sofia Vergara. There are two bed set offered you can consider.

5 PC Queen Bedroom Set
This unquestionably lux, elegant, and glamour set consists of a dresser, 3 PC queen bed, and a mirror. The metallic effect is coming from the silver and metallic black color available for the piece. Combine this lavish design with smart organizational features and comfort enhancer.

Since we discuss much about appearance, it does not mean that we ignore the other quality. Each piece in this bundle is crafted from pine solid and birch veneers, rendered in a stunning silver finish. Its turned leg and chrome finished hardware upscale the glamorous level.

Paris Silver 5 PC King Bedroom
Having similar feature as the previous package, each set will consist of 3 PC King Bed, a dresser, and a mirror. The eye catching point from this set is French style tufted headboard that become such a strong sound in the bedroom. To have matching mattress and foundation, you need to browse it separately.
Both bedroom set will cost you $1,299.99 for each bundle. A worthy investment for a complete basic bedroom sets.

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