Creating a sustainable living is becoming a new concern by people who have the awareness of
living an eco-friendly and sustainable life style. Once building a house, choosing the energy and
resources efficiently is the main objective. To get a personalized kitchen cabinets Hawaii
design, you can review the catalogue of Mokulua High Performance Builder, member of
Archipelago Hawaii. It is an agency that provides design, and remodeling service for the whole
kitchen look or kitchen cabinet set.
Here are the some of their design for the beloved customer. You can see it first before
contacting their agency based in Kailua, Hawaii.
1. Bluestone Reimagined – Kitchen
This redesigning project is aimed to make the existing kitchen become as compact as possible.
The additional dining table attached to the shimmering kitchen island is such a noticeable
feature on the arrangement. This huge shimmering feature will be a nice company for your
kitchen activity from preparing the meal, cooking, and eating the meal. Above your countertop,
classic high cabinet is installed to keep your kitchen supplies. This is such a beautiful, classic,
luxurious kitchen renovation.
2. Kaimuki Bungalow – Kitchen
This design combines two style. They are Hawaiian to preserve the richness of Hawaiian
character and contemporary style for a stunning and unique look. The whole look is that one
emphasizing the use of wood tile for floor tile installation and also the counter top. To balance it,
the cabinets and drawers are presented in whole white color palette.
3. Beachy Craftman Retreat – Kitchen
In this series, the designer combines Hawaiian plantation style with color and tones of a seaside
getaway. The space will be dominated by wooden floor tile and big white block, and in some
spots there are some touches of sea green color as accents. This arrangement also supports
energy star campaign.
4. Ethereal Kitchen Design
This design transforms an existing kitchen into a more functional space. The characteristic is the
mounted cabinet that being united with glass door. It eases you to check what inside the
cabinet. For enhanced comfort, there is an add-on coffee table attached to the kitchen island.
5. Sustainable Style at Wa’ahila Kitchen
As it is indicated by its name, this design focuses more on the sustainability and green design, but still involving luxurious look and functionality. Real greeneries on top of a marble countertop is a great composition. To gain natural light supply, you can use large windows. Your cabinet will be in the form of vanity under each counter top.

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