Convenient country style bar stools will serve you a friendly and cozy atmosphere in your home

The friendliness of countryside living becomes a great inspiration for creating such atmosphere
in current living situation. Since making all people living the same view is difficult, the least thing
we can do is changing our own lifestyle. Beside the habit as the main issue, we also need
supporting place and ambience. For example, we can have country style bar stools that
reflecting the richness and warmth of countryside living.
The characteristic of country style interior is involving a wide use of rustic material and look. In
its origin, since the material is original wood, so the look is automatically in rustic. However,
currently furniture manufacturer cannot find many wood, so they use manufactured wood,
finished in natural rustic look to maintain the country style visual.
Here are two arrangement for casual rustic look country style bar stools you can choose.
The first arrangement is designed by Garrison Hullinger, a Portland based interior designer. He
transforms the cabin into a private home bar. You can start by finding the most suitable corner.
It is great if you get unexposed unfinished wall or rough wooden material. Put a wooden cabinet
there, and complete the bar with matching bar stools. You can consider to have wine cooler
along the bar in which it will ease you in grabbing your favorite beverage. The bar stools
designed for this project are designed with pillow and padded support to make you comfortable
to sit and talk for hours. You can customize your dream piece by online consultation in
The Second arrangement is made by Andrea Schumacher which uses generous light and bright
color shades. Yet the natural color palette is still strong usage for a backsplash and stone for a
rough texture, and the wooden list in the countertop and bar table. The rough and rustic pattern
is balanced by soft surface light brown ceramic on the floor and wall side. A sturdy and cool
metal frame bar stool with pillow is the chosen company. The footrest will support your comfort
beside the soft pillow. For other customized item you can reach Andrea in
Last, it is the beautiful work of Jerry Locati. He uses an old bar corner, cleaning and laminate
the wooden table and make it the centerpiece of the new home bar. Add high drum pendant
light above the table, and equip it with bar stools. Upholstered stool which supported by metal
frame is a good choice as it will offer soft, comfortable, and strong seating place. You can reach
Jerry in

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